Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is more information about our program. If you have other questions, feel free to call or visit us! We are available Monday through Thursday from 9:00am-3:00pm. Stop by for a tour, meet the staff, and see our program in action!

What is the AP Wellness Center?

The AP Wellness Center is your resource to leading a healthy life. We believe a healthy lifestyle consists of many dimensions, including physical, mental, and emotional health. Our mission is to help you be active about taking care of your own health, including finding balance and happiness. For more information, visit our About Us page.

How do I join?

There are 3 things that determine your eligibility.
– Are you over 65 years old and on Medicare?
– Do you have a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) health plan?
– Did you pick Allied Pacific IPA as your medical group?
If you answered YES to all 3 questions, then you are eligible to join! Please come to the Wellness Center to fill out our Membership Packet.

What is Open House?

Open House is a special opportunity for you to experience our programs! You can visit our campus, try some of our classes for free, watch our members perform, and have a chance to win prizes at our raffle drawing. We only do it several times a year. If you would like to meet the instructor before signing up for a class, or simply want to try a different kind of class, don’t miss out!

How do I register for a class at the Wellness Center?

Most classes at the Wellness Center are 6 or 12 weeks long. To sign up for a class, please come into the center to register and pay the class fee. All fees must be paid before you attend a class. If a class is full or if the registration period has passed, you will need to wait until the next session to register.

Why is there a class fee?

At the Wellness Center, we have a strict method for finding high-quality instructors. We want to help you gain access to these instructors. Your class fee helps to cover some of the costs related to registration, membership administration, and usage of the facilities. The rest of the cost of the class is subsidized by AP.

What do I need to do before my first class?

Some classes may require you to bring your own supplies. Our instructors will provide that list on or before your first class.

If you are participating in an exercise class for the first time at our center, we will require your Primary Care Physician (PCP or family doctor) to sign a form indicating that you are fit for exercise. We may also ask you to take our free Fitness Assessment prior to the start of the class. When attending an exercise class, please come in comfortable clothing (no jeans) and proper, close-toed shoes (no sandals or high heels).

Is there a limit on the number of classes I can take?

We want to help you stay healthy, and that includes helping you find a good balance on the activities you do at the center. Rest is also important! If we feel that your participation is too high, we may request you to get approval from your doctor. We may also direct you towards different activities aside from our class program.

How do I attend a seminar?

Seminars at the Wellness Center are FREE but we encourage you to pre-register. That way, we can make sure we have prepared enough seats. You can sign up at the center or give us a call at 626-943-6488. If you did not get a chance to register, give us a call and come anyway!

How do I register for a special event?

Because we have limited space, you MUST register to get a spot! We will announce the date we begin registration for each event. When registration begins, you can come to the Wellness Center to sign up or give us a call. Once the event is full, we will no longer be able to take any names. We will verify AP membership prior to the event to ensure that our members get first priority.

How do I join a club?

You can come to the Wellness Center to pick up a flyer regarding the club you are interested in. Then you can attend one of their next meetings. Our club leaders will guide you through the Membership Form and you will officially become a member of the club! Clubs are for Wellness Center members only.

How do I get Medicare?

Medicare is the American federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older. It can also cover certain younger people who have disabilities or certain diseases. For more information, please visit the Medicare website by the government at

I have Medicare. What’s the next step to joining AP?

You will need to pick an MAPD plan that contracts with Allied Pacific. MAPD stands for Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plan. Many insurance companies will offer MAPD plans. Those who can join a MAPD plan must be: Eligible for Medicare; Enrolled in Part A and Part B; Not have End-Stage Renal Disease (ERD). By joining a MAPD plan, it can help seniors save money on medical expenses, hospitalization, prescription drugs, etc. Depending on the health plan that you choose, there are additional benefits such as dental, vision, health education classes, gym memberships, transportation, acupuncture and worldwide emergency coverage.

AP is contracted with 13 major MAPD health plans, including: Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Blue Shield Promise, Brand New Day, Alignment Healthcare, Central Health, Easy Choice, Humana, Health Net, LA Care, Molina, SCAN, and United Healthcare. When you pick APC, you can receive special benefits for MAPD member IN ADDITION to the benefits your health plan may offer. Contact our Customer Service Department for details at 1-877-282-8272.